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March is nearly here! If your festive eating habits are lingering longer than they really should, perhaps it’s time to make a fresh start with 7 Days of Me.


7 DAYS of ME is a gentle, one-week clean-eating detox, which results in a renewed you.

It offers a myriad of benefits such as clearer skin and eyes, increased energy and concentration, better sleep, less bloating and a feeling of lightness and well-being.

If you’ve done the cleanse before, you’ll know how powerful it is as a way to reignite your taste for fresh food and healthy living.

Penelope Morrison of Bella Donna did 7 Days of Me for the second time with one of her junior therapists in October last year. They both felt like they needed a fresh start. She called me at the end of it to tell me how amazing it had been as a healthy re-set for both of them.

Penelope kept a daily diary about her experience which she shared with her clients via the Bella Donna Beauty Facebook Page.

Here are a few highlights:

penelopePenelope’s 7 Days of Me Highlights & Tips

• For me, this cleanse was about changing habits and going back to the way we ate when I was growing up in the 70’s & 80’s. It was real food – nothing was processed, everything was fresh.
• My skin looked noticeably clearer and brighter during the cleanse. One of the my clients even asked me if I had been on holiday!
• I normally take natural meds for pre-menopausal hot flushes, but during the cleanse week I didn’t need to take them once. That is telling me something.
• Bestow Herbal Tea was a God-send when I wanted a sweet treat. Eternitea, with cinnamon and hibiscus tea is fruity and sweet. I also ate more fruit than normal and found that bananas and apples satisfied my sugar cravings.
• Running a busy business and family can be quite draining, but during my cleanse week my energy levels were amazing and I slept much better.
• I recommend the cleanse to people who want clearer skin, more energy or who just need to break some bad eating habits.

Ready To Begin Your Own Cleanse?

The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse books and packs are available at wellness focused skincare clinics around the country. Please email us at for a stockist near you.

detox-program-fourReady To Begin Your Own Cleanse?

The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse books and packs are available at wellness focused skincare clinics around the country. Please email us at for a stockist near you or to purchase a pack via credit card.

Want To Stock The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse products in your clinic?

7 DAYS OF ME is a beautiful wellness cleanses which can revitalise your team, your clients and your business from the inside out. To read positive stories of salons who have embarked on the cleanse together as a team and brought their clients along for the journey, CLICK HERE. To enquire about becoming a Janesce stockist please CLICK HERE.

  • February 8, 2017

Lemons are an excellent fruit source of the mineral phosphorus, required daily for repair and healthy functioning of the nervous system. Phosphorus foods rebuild and repair the brain, improve memory and promote creativity.

Lemons are one of the best fruit sources of the mineral sodium, which aids the proper elimination of waste, cleanses the lymphatic system and helps prevent arthritis and the hardening of arteries. Freshly squeezed lemon juice taken daily will protect and promote a clean and healthy digestive system.

Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C, and therefore help maintain healthy skin. Vitamin C also plays a major role in the formation of collagen, helping to ward off those fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also an important antioxidant, capable of protecting cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Topically, lemons act as a natural antiseptic and the juice can be used to ‘dab’ on any pimple activity. Skin likes to be slightly acidic and the bacteria associated with acne struggle to survive in an acid environment.

As part of our 7 DAYS of ME Cleanse lemon takes centre stage! We start each day with lemon water, have a great lemon based vinaigrette for some of our salads and poach our chicken in lemon and herbs (see recipe below).




3 single chicken breast fillets
1 lemon sliced
Thyme sprigs
Italian parsley
Water to cover
Himalayan or sea salt and pepper to season

Place your chicken fillets in a saucepan add the lemon, herbs, salt and pepper and just cover with water.

Simmer for 10 minutes then remove from the heat and then let it stand for another 10 minutes. Drain the chicken allow it to cool and then slice or shred for adding to salads.


  • January 26, 2017

What is the 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse?

7 DAYS OF ME is a gentle, one-week clean-eating detox, which results in a renewed you! It offers a myriad of benefits such as clearer skin and eyes, increased energy and concentration, a feeling of lightness and well-being and weight loss just to name a few. It is a beautiful rebalancing ritual to do each autumn and spring, but can be done any time throughout the year. If you want to move towards creating a healthier lifestyle, this gentle yet powerful cleanse is the perfect first step.

Detox Without Deprivation

The 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse involves eliminating foods and drinks such as refined sugar, coffee and alcohol that overload the body. Instead you eat foods that are packed full of nutrients that support your body’s natural detoxification processes. Predominantly raw, organic foods feature in the cleanse because of their ease of digestion and the cleansing effect they have on your body. This is not a starvation detox – you will eat nourishing food regularly and will be able to continue on with your normal routines.


Renewed Energy & Well-Being

Nature has cleverly provided our bodies with a very efficient detoxification system; namely the liver, bowel, kidneys and skin. These are the primary eliminators of toxins and metabolic waste. If we eat healthy food and drink enough water, our bodies are designed to ‘detox’ naturally everyday. However, with our busy, stress-filled lives this isn’t always possible! That’s why an ‘inner cleanse’ gives your body a chance to detoxify and renew itself, and to channel its energy into revitalising your skin, body and well-being. You’ll feel the difference!

Treating Skin Disorders From Within

“Over the years I have mentored hundreds of people through the Vital Cleanse to help heal their skin. The cleanse assists skin by removing the irritating foods that are helping fuel the skin problem and replacing them with foods that are rich in nutrients the skin needs to strengthen and heal. It ensures that the two main filters (kidneys and liver) and the four exits (bowels, bladder, lungs and skin) are well supported. This ‘clearing of the slate’ makes your body much more receptive to both internal and external skin treatment and the results more effective.” ~ Janine Tait


A Beautiful 40 Year History…

circle-janThe Janesce Vital Cleanse principles were developed 40 years ago by Adelaide naturopath Janice Sarre Smith for the purpose of preparing her client’s bodies to heal their skin. Janice firmly believed that wellness and beauty are interconnected and her Janesce Skincare range and dermo-nutrition menus are centred on this philosophy.

Reimagined for Busy Women

circle-twoDermo-nutritionist and skincare therapist educator, Janine Tait, and cancer survivor and culinary creative, Sheryl Nicholson have co-created the 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse book and value-pack with the busy, modern woman in mind. If you are not blessed with a good culinary imagination, don’t worry! Sheryl has taken the cleanse principles and created a series of cleanse-friendly recipes which are easy to make and delicious to eat. A shopping guide and meal planner set you up for success while the book includes just the right blend of information and inspiration to support you on your cleanse.

What Does The 7 Days of Me Pack Include?


The 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse Pack sets you up with everything you need for a flawless cleanse.  It contains the 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse Book, Janesce Aperitif (100ml), Bestow Beauty Oil (500ml), Bestow Body Brush, Detox Bath Salts and Bestow Blessings Journal.

7 Days of Delicious and Nutritious Recipes
People rave about how easy, tasty and filling the 7 DAYS OF ME recipes are. With stunning photography and easy to follow instructions you’ll soon be making Overnight Oats, Salmon Parcels, Baked Falafels and Roast Pumpkin Fritatta like a pro!

7 DAY Meal Planner & Shopping Guide
If you are not organised with a cleanse like this you are more likely to allow unhealthy food choices to sneak in. Preparation is the key and this book is designed to help you be as organised as possible. Our strategic meal planner and detailed shopping guide do all the ‘thinking’ for you – you just need to follow the instructions.

Janesce Aperitif (100mls)
The Aperitif is a natural blood cleanser and liver tonic that helps the body to gently detoxify. It is prepared from the extracts of 14 different plants, which have been used for centuries to enhance the functioning of the main elimination organs.

Bestow Beauty Oil (500mls) This uniquely formulated blend of seed oils helps to nourish and decongest the skin. It also supports detoxification on a cellular level.

Bestow Dry Bristle Brush for Dry Brushing Your skin is your body’s largest eliminative organ and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day. Dry brushing enhances this process and is a wonderful detoxification aid.

Bestow Blessings Journal
This beautiful gratitude journal has been designed to help you establish a practice of making a daily record of the blessings in each day. Gratitude directs our entire being towards health by boosting our immune system and promoting healing.

Detoxification Bath Salts
Epsom Salts are made up of magnesium sulphate crystals. The sulphates help draw toxins out from your body, while the magnesium helps ease muscle pain and tension. Enjoy a lovely, long soak that lets you relax and detox at the same time!

Please email us at for a stockist near you or to purchase a pack via credit card.

How Will I Feel During the Cleanse?

The Vital Cleanse promotes energy by providing our bodies with nutrient-rich foods and removing all the crutches (coffee, alcohol, refined sugar and refined carbohydrates) that give us an initial burst of energy and then drop us down again. These substances can set up a roller coaster of energy fluctuations leaving us tired and craving stimulants.  The cleanse ensures you eat regularly and avoids the blood sugar levels becoming too low, which improves energy levels. You may feel yucky at some points of the cleanse because your digestive system is adjusting to the change of food and you are withdrawing from the stimulants your body has become reliant on. After about three to four days you feel much better because your body is regulating its own energy levels without the artificial highs stimulants give you. The energy boost that comes at the end of the cleanse can be due to improved digestion and elimination, a diet rich in nutrients and improved blood sugar stabilisation.


7 Days Of Me Stories | Community Inspiration

circle-clemencyI have done many detox programs in the past and have struggled with the discipline and felt very depleted towards the end. 7 DAYS OF ME was surprisingly easy in comparison. It wasn’t a deprivation detox but more about nourishing my body and bringing it back into balance with wholesome, healthy foods.

My energy levels and appetite were well sustained between meals and I couldn’t get over how delicious and tasty the food was. My skin became significantly more radiant and clear. My energy levels increased and over the course of the seven days the quality of my sleep improved so that I woke up in the morning feeling lighter, refreshed and restored.

7 DAYS OF ME is a benchmark in rebooting my body when it is off balance.- Clemency Mutze, Christchurch

circle-hannahI love 7 DAYS OF ME as an easy starting point to make long-term lifestyle changes. Before I did the cleanse I didn’t feel healthy and I knew my current diet was the cause.

Once I began, I loved that I could feel the difference in my energy, due to the quality of the food. Before 7 DAYS OF ME I would feel low in energy in the afternoon. During the cleanse I had enough energy to get through the whole day right until bedtime. My sleeping patterns improved too.

At the end I felt cleaner, lighter and reenergized. I have always had problems with my digestion but at the end of the seven days I felt really good. I have kept up many of my healthy new habits so I can keep feeling good. – Hannah Mereana, Auckland

circle-sineadAfter doing a workshop with Janine Tait about feeding the skin from within I decided it was time to try and curb my sweet tooth. I was inspired to make some healthy changes and 7 DAYS OF ME was a great way to start this.

The book makes it so easy to follow with great, tasty recipes that don’t require purchasing too many ‘weird’ ingredients. Positive benefits for me included less bloating, more energy and weight-loss. The meals are all really enjoyable.

I was surprised at how quickly the week went and also how much better I felt. I didn’t want to stop eating this way once the week was up. I recommend 7 DAYS OF ME and all the other Bestow Food Journals to everyone. Such an easy and delicious way to get healthy! – Sinead Goodwin, New Plymouth

detox-program-fourReady To Begin Your Own Cleanse?

The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse books and packs are available at wellness focused skincare clinics around the country. Please email us at for a stockist near you or to purchase a pack via credit card.

Want To Stock The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse products in your clinic?

7 DAYS OF ME is a beautiful wellness cleanses which can revitalise your team, your clients and your business from the inside out. To read positive stories of salons who have embarked on the cleanse together as a team and brought their clients along for the journey, CLICK HERE. To enquire about becoming a Janesce stockist please CLICK HERE.

  • September 25, 2016

Picture1Having worked with skin all my life I am aware that when we enter the fourth decade of our life, the adjustments in hormones can have a definite effect on our skin. This can intensify as we approach menopause.

When I reached my 50’s I asked Jan Smith of Janesce if she would make a concentrate for women like me to support our skin during these transitional years.

I specifically asked for a concentrate because, being made directly from the beautiful tinctures Jan extracts from her plants, I believe they are the most powerful and penetrating of all her products. I think everyone should always be including one of Jan’s Janesce concentrates into their skincare routine at all times.

Jan disappeared into her laboratory for a few months and emerged with the 
Re-energizing Complex!

 I received a very small amount just in time for Christmas. I decanted it in to five small bottles and sent it out to some experienced Janesce therapists to find out what they thought. 

You can read their comments below.

– Janine Tait


The new Janesce Re-Energising Concentrate is a powerful new concentrate containing 10 plant extracts and a silk protein. 

It is designed for women approaching their forties and beyond, to bring vitality and balance to the skin.

Each of the plants included in this blend offers a special benefit to the skin:
Gingko biloba Slowing down ageing effects of free radicals is a prime consideration / Myrrh Encouraging gentle microcirculation / Ginseng Oxygenation / Rose Hydration and refining / Chamomile Tissue strengthening and calming / Viola tricolor Soothing sensitivities / Lavender Balancing secretions / Marshmallow Softening / Oats Emollient / Liquid silk A protective gentle film.

Added to the above, are essential oils to support the psyche of the wearer – rose geranium (pure love of self) and rosewood (gently soothing anxieties).


To give an ‘inside out’ benefit of estrogen, herbal infusions to drink are teas of spearmint, red clover, sage and gingko biloba – all in moderation and according to your taste. One special treat is pure licorice as a sweet.

The role of essential fatty acids is also very important for healthy hormone production. Take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil or Bestow Beauty Oil daily mixed into food. Hazelnuts and walnuts should be included in your diet.


circle-christine-terryChristine Terry | Soak Beauty

I think the new serum is quite delicious.  The ingredients give it quite an uplifting fragrance but there is a softness or femininity to it.  It seems to have the supportive qualities of the revitalising concentrate, but with a cooling and hydrating effect.  I would need to use it a bit longer to notice any definitive changes to the skin, but I certainly felt it didn’t compromise anything. I have enjoyed using it.

circle-julia-ogormanJulia O’Gorman | Julia O’Gorman Beauty Therapy

I love it. It smells amazing. I have recently had an operation and my skin was quite reactive afterwards because of all the drugs. When I used the new Revitalising Concentrate it didn’t sting my skin or cause it to go red. I feel my skin is calmer, stronger and more radiant.

circle-jan-mcewenJan McKewen | Jan McEwen Beauty Therapy

I have loved using the new Re-Energising Complex.   I love the milky tones it seems to have brought to my skin and it’s really intensified the glow. The beautiful geranium/rose aromas are very powerful indeed.

I have one of those evil 7 x magnification mirrors in my bathroom and everything I put on my skin gets observed through it. Each time I apply the Re-Energising Complex it seemed to soften the lines instantly and to clear the complexion tone. I particularly noticed the reaction around my eyes, mouth and chin lines. Initially the softening effect was noticeable for a couple of hours but as the month has gone the reaction time has increased. I’ve had so many compliments about my skin this month.

Recently I gave myself a paper cut on the lid of my eye. It stung like mad so I put some of the Re-Energising Complex on it and it was healed by the next day. I could not see any visual line of the cut – amazing.

Many of my clients, who are also 60+ will benefit from this beautiful concentrate.

circle-shelleyShelley Foster | Jamele – The Skincare Centre

I was very fortunate to trial the new Re-Energizing Concentrate and I loved it! I really felt I saw a change in my skin. I hadn’t used a concentrate for some time and so after 6 weeks of use I really noticed a difference in my skin. The sparkle returned and crazy as it sounds my skin really felt and looked re-energised. It felt calm, soft and hydrated. Plus the smell is divine! I really enjoyed it.


  • April 26, 2016

For those of you that are familiar with our 7 day detox plan – 7 DAYS of ME we’ve decided to add a couple of new recipes for our upcoming March 2016 challenge. This one is vegetarian, warm and delicious with lots of vibrant colour.



1 eggplant, cut in half lengthways
1/4 buttercup pumpkin, chopped into small pieces (leave the skin on for extra texture)
1 cup of brown rice, cooked
1/2 cup of chickpeas, drained (but reserve the liquid)
1/4 cup of fresh thyme, chopped (or 1 teaspoon of dried)
2 tomatoes, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 spring onions, sliced
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Himalayan salt & cracked black pepper
lemon wedges (to serve)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius.

Toss the chopped pumpkin and the 2 eggplant halves in the tablespoon of olive oil. Place the eggplant on a baking tray face down, add the pumpkin pieces, season well with salt and pepper. Roast for about 20 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and cool for 15 minutes.

Scoop out the flesh of the eggplant with a spoon, leave about 1cm of flesh around the eggplant skin. Place the flesh into a bowl with the roast pumpkin and chickpeas, mash slightly by using a chopping motion with a spoon. Add the brown rice, thyme, garlic, spring onions and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper, mix well. Fill the two eggplant halves with the mixture – pile it high. Sprinkle with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, place back in the oven to heat through for 10 – 15 minutes.

Serve with a green salad, we have made one with fresh spinach, basil, blanched beans and peas – try adding or exchanging things like avocado slices, kale, spiralised zucchini, asparagus etc (depending what is in season).

Add lashings of hummus dressing (recipe below) and squeeze over lemon wedges.


The rest of the chickpeas from above, drained (but reserve the liquid)
½ cup of tahini paste
4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, or more to taste
1 clove of garlic, chopped
½ teaspoon of Himalayan or sea salt,
or more to taste
¼ cup of water or reserved chickpea liquid
1 teaspoon of cumin powder

In a food processor, blend the chickpeas until smooth. Add the tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin and salt. Blend until pureed. With the machine running, drizzle in water or reserved chickpea cooking water, one tablespoon at a time, until you get a very smooth, light and creamy texture. We find we need about ¼ of a cup, but you may need slightly more or less.

Now you have yummy home made hummus to enjoy with vegetable snacks.


1/2 cup of hummus
Juice of one lemon
1 tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

Blend all the above ingredients with a stick blender. If it seems too thick, add a tablespoon at a time of water or chickpea liquid until you get the right consistency. Store in a jar in the
fridge for several days.



What is the 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse?

7 DAYS OF ME is a gentle, one-week clean-eating detox, which results in a renewed you! It offers a myriad of benefits such as clearer skin and eyes, increased energy and concentration, a feeling of lightness and well-being and weight loss just to name a few. It is a beautiful rebalancing ritual to do each autumn and spring, but can be done any time throughout the year. If you want to move towards creating a healthier lifestyle, this gentle yet powerful cleanse is the perfect first step.



  • February 29, 2016

I am often asked why we use brown rice in the 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse, so I decided to share why brown rice is so healthy.

Brown rice, unlike white rice, still has its hull and bran and it’s these parts that are rich sources of protein, thiamine, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Other nutrients in brown rice include manganese, selenium, phosphorus, copper, and Vitamins B, E and K.

It is also a wonderful source of fibre which acts like a broom, brushing out toxins and wastes from our digestive system.

Brown rice is a very non-allergenic food so you are less likely to react to it than other grains. It is also a wonderful source of energy, helping you get through your busy day.

All in all, it is a great food to include in your diet at all times, not only while you’re doing the cleanse. The recipes in the 7 DAYS OF ME cookbook make it a delicious addition to your diet as well.

READ MORE about the 7 DAYS OF ME here >>
Join the 7 DAYS OF ME Facebook Group >>


  • September 7, 2015

Cold winter temperatures reduce the blood flow to our extremities, meaning our skin may not get the nutrition it needs and this can really affect your hands. If you have noticed your hands getting dry, nails brittle and painful hangnails forming, then this could be the problem.

Moisturisers and hand creams have been shown to buffer your skin from the cold. The temperature of the skin doesn’t drop as far and it returns to its base point much faster if we have applied a generous coating of cream. So don’t leave the house without a slathering of hand cream and your gloves, and whenever you wash your hands during the day, replace that protective layer with another application of hand cream.

At night, give your hands a soak in warm water containing a few drops of your Janesce Soaking Drops. Maybe use the water left over from your skin care routine. Then mist your still damp skin with your Janesce Floral Mist and lock the moisture in with your Janesce Handcream. This is the perfect treatment for supple, nourished hands and nails.

  • July 9, 2015

The moisture levels in the outer most layer of our skin are so precious, they keep our skin looking radiant, resilient and help slow ageing.

Winters biggest challenge is maintaining this vital moisture and although I would love to tell you drinking water will do this for you, it simply isn’t true. This layer is much more influenced by the ambient humidity of the environment you are in and this is where the challenge lies in winter. The cold temperatures cause the moisture in the air to condense out and as soon as you notice dew on your car in the morning, you know that we have reached those critical temperatures and the air is dryer. Combine this with the fact that heating your office or work environment also dries the air, and we have a situation where our skin will begin to struggle, can look dull and feel very dry.

Soaking helps and so does the very concentrated nature of the Janesce moisturisers as they trap moisture in. But one of the best products at this time of year is the Perfecting Gel. Rich in plant-based hyaluronin, an expensive but worthwhile active that can hold many hundreds of times its own molecular weight in water, this lovely gel helps you get the best result from your Janesce routine. Apply it morning and night after soaking and misting but before your day or night moisturiser.


  • June 11, 2015

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get your skin checked for sun damage. Even though using sunscreen does protect your skin somewhat, the UV rays still can damage your skin and cause sun spots as well as affect moles and freckles. It is important to get Vitamin D from the sun but also to be aware of the damage to your skin when you are in the sun too much without it being properly protected. Having just enjoyed a wonderful summer many of us may find that our skin needs particular attention at this time of year to recover.

Getting your skin checked for sun damage at this time of year means that any spots needing treatment can be attended to and given sufficient time to heal during the winter when they are exposed to less sun. To assist with healing and to give your skin the best chance of avoiding scarring use the Janesce Calendula Concentrate once treatment has been completed. Just a drop or two on to the treated area twice a day helps speed cell renewal.

Dealing with this now and helping you skin heal well, means that your skin will be healthy and happy again come summer and you will be able to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine without worrying.


  • May 11, 2015

Autumn – a challenging time of year for skin health

Your skin has been enjoying the warm humidity of summer. Even if you don’t live in an area with high humidity levels, the heat causes perspiration which hydrates the upper layers of your skin but this is about to change. The weather is cooling down and with it the moisture in the air will start to condense out. Have you noticed the dew in the mornings now? That precious moisture is no longer in the air so it can’t nourish your skin now. So what can we do?

Soak, soak, soak! Redouble your efforts and spend longer doing this important but comforting step of your skin care regime. It doesn’t matter how hydrating your skin care is or how many humectants it contains, if the water isn’t there it can’t be locked into your skin. So make sure you have the precious moisture first then lock it in with your beautiful Janesce moisturizer.


  • May 1, 2015