Clinics Embrace Wellness Trend with 7 DAYS OF ME



7 DAYS OF ME is a beautiful wellness cleanse which can revitalise your team, your clients and your business from the inside out.


When was the last time you dedicated a whole 7 days to your own well-being?

The Vital Cleanse is a gentle, one week clean-eating detox which results in a myriad of benefits such as clearer skin and eyes, increased energy and concentration, a feeling of lightness and well-being and weight loss just to name a few. It’s a wonderful protocol and something I feel very passionate about sharing.

Personally, my diet always steps up a notch and any bad habits are weeded out after I do the cleanse. I feel lighter, more energetic and more focussed.


How The Vital Cleanse Works

The cleanse involves eliminating foods and drinks such as refined sugar, coffee and alcohol that overload the body, and instead, supplying foods that are packed full of nutrients that support your body’s natural detoxification processes. It’s based on eating predominantly raw, organic foods, selected because of their ease of digestion and the cleansing effect they have on your body.


Detox Without Deprivation

Many people feel that any sort of detoxification must automatically mean hardship and deprivation. There are more restrictive cleanses but to survive them you need to be able to rest more – ideally at some resort in Thailand! As a therapist I am sold on the Janesce Vital Cleanse because it is an easy, delicious and gentle way for clients to cleanse their body and still have the energy required to carry on with their busy lives.


A Beautiful 40 Year History

I firmly believe that beauty and wellness are interconnected and the cleanse was born from this very philosophy 40 years ago. It was created by naturopath and Janesce founder, Janice Smith, in Adelaide for the purpose of preparing her clients bodies to heal their skin.  The cleanse ensured that their body was cleansed of toxins and wastes and that the liver, bowels and kidneys were working properly. This ‘clearing of the slate’ made their bodies much more receptive to both internal and external skin treatment and the results more effective. 

I have personally used this cleansing programme successfully for the last 20 years with clients who have skin concerns, and have seen wonderful results.


7 Days of Delicious and Nutritious Recipes

Historically, when we introduced people to the cleanse we gave them an A5 handout which gave them the basic cleanse principles, but really left them to their own devices in terms of what to make. Now, for people who were handy in the kitchen, that was fine. However, not everyone is blessed with a good culinary imagination! Some people really struggled to know what to make for themselves to eat.

When I realised we needed to help people with recipes, I rather cunningly suggested to Sheryl Nicholson, the talented designer and foodie who I co-create the Bestow Food Journals with, that we do the vital cleanse together. As I suspected, once Sheryl was introduced to the cleanse principles her creativity took over, and before I knew it she was sending me photos of all those amazing recipes she was creating. In a nut-shell this is how the 7 DAYS OF ME book was born.


The Planning is All Done For You

We went to the extra effort of creating a detailed and strategic meal planner because we recognised that organisation can be a challenge. If you are not organised with a programme like this you will fall off the wagon. With the 7 DAYS OF ME book, all the preparation is done for you. We have also set up a 7 DAYS OF ME Facebook Group which connects, inspires and supports women and clinics from all over New Zealand who are taking part in the cleanse. That sense of community is just so important.


An Inspiring Community of Cleansers

I have been thrilled to hear from therapist teams from all over New Zealand who have been using 7 DAYS OF ME as a way to gather their clients and to embark on this inspiring cleanse experience together with them. And naturally, it’s not just the people who are benefiting, but the businesses as well.

7 DAYS OF ME Salon Stories

Jamele Skin Care Centre ~ Tauranga



Shelley Foster, owner of Jamele, says she loves having a wellness focused offering to promote as a clinic. “This is exactly what we are about. We believe that good health and great skin begins from the inside out. I think the cleanse has given us a very real opportunity to connect with existing and potential clients on a level that they are genuinely interested in.”

Shelley says the whole Jamele team approached the cleanse with enthusiasm and everyone felt energised and uplifted by the end of it. They are now able to provide meaningful support to their clients. “We have had a wonderful mix of clients doing the cleanse, all ages and with a variety of reasons for doing it,” says Shelley. “We have definitely deepened our relationship with them by checking in with them to see how they are going and offering suggestions on how to overcome any glitches.”


Embrayce Skin & Beauty ~ Christchurch




Tania Behrns and Robyn Eathorne of Embrayce Skin & Beauty, are firmly convinced that people are ready for clinics to offer wellness experiences like the cleanse. “We just feel it’s the right time to be doing something like this,” says Tania. “There seems to be a lot of social media things out there about cutting back on sugar and eating healthy food. The people who are responding to the 7 DAYS OF ME challenge are already on that band-wagon.” The whole Embrayce therapist team embarked on the cleanse together and have had a good client response to the cleanse after hosting an information evening. “We all just boost each other along and talk about how we’re feeling as a team,” says Tania. “That makes it very easy to talk about with our clients. It’s created a real sense of community – that you’re not alone when you do something like this.”


Lox Spa ~ Tauranga


Lox manager, Stephanie Hanna, has done the cleanse before, but this time her 16 year old daughter joined her. “The changes she has made are huge.  I could never get her to eat breakfast or fruit and now she is starting the day with a healthy breakfast and a huge salad and fruit for lunch,” says Stephanie. “The best bit is she is really loving it and is doing it herself.”

Stephanie says the cleanse was a great team builder for the clinic who have enjoyed supporting their clients on the cleanse. “Most clients have reported back that they have broken some of those old habits and that they didn’t need as much sugar in their diets and that they were feeling lighter and better in themselves.”


Gloss Beauty Boutique ~ Matamata




Lisa Van Dyk and her team at Gloss Beauty Boutique hosted a very successful information evening in Matamata. “It was fantastic,” says Lisa. “A local caterer put together tastings of five or six different recipes from the book and everyone who came to the evening left with the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse pack.” All three therapists did the cleanse for the first time in March. “Ashleigh, one of our team lost 2.5 kilos, and she’s a little person anyway. She felt really good,” says Lisa. Lisa feels that offering the cleanse experience has helped to introduce more of a wellness approach to skincare into their business. “We’re working on making it a bigger part of our salon,” she says. “ Nutrition is becoming quite a big thing in skin health. Being able to mentor clients on that level as well as in skincare and treatments has been great.”



So please join us on the 7 DAYS OF ME, we offer 7 DAYS OF ME packs to support your cleanse and we also have a great facebook group where cleanse participants share their own personal experiences as they happen!