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The Janesce soaking ritual

For those of you who are dedicated Janesce ‘soakers’, you will know what a difference this simple step makes to the look and feel of your skin. Over the years I have noticed that my clients who love their soaking step have the most beautiful skins, so I have no doubt about how important it is for skin health and anti-ageing.

Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles it can be a challenge to find the time to give your skin a really good soak so I like to make a real effort every now and then to spend extra time letting my skin absorb that precious moisture.

Recently we renovated our bathroom and I am pleased to say I now have a lovely new bath. I think one of the great pleasures of life is soaking in a bath but I recently reminded myself how easy it is to give yourself a mini facial at the same time.

Firstly, I make sure all the skin care products I will need are within easy reach. There is nothing worse that realising you have forgotten something and having to hop out of the bath to retrieve it, all the while leaving little wet foot prints in your wake. I then lie back with the soaking cloth on my face for 5 minutes to soften down the skin cells. Follow this with an exfoliation (Gentle Clearing Wash or Gentle Enzyme Peel) and a mask for an extra intensive treatment.

After I rinse off the mask I do another really long soak and this is where the real magic happens. I can easily spend 10 minutes soaking, every now and then re-immersing the cloth in the warm water to heat it up again. Once my skin is fully saturated I then lock that moisture in with my mist, serum and moisturiser. The next day I always notice how much better my skin looks and feels. Easy peasy and very relaxing!

Janine Tait