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My 7 DAYS OF ME Story |Sinead Goodwin

The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse programme is a one-week clean eating detox programme. It is a gentle, effective way to detoxify and has been used successfully for over 40 years to treat skin disorders and renew total body health and energy. Click here for details.

On the blog today, Beauty therapist, Sinead Goodwin, of Aspire Day Spa in New Plymouth shares her 7 DAYS OF ME story.

Why did you decide to do the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse?

After doing a workshop with Janine Tait about feeding the skin from within I decided it was time to try and curb my sweet tooth. I was inspired to make some healthy changes and 7 DAYS OF ME was a great way to start this.

What was the hardest part?

To be honest it wasn’t hard, the book makes it so easy to follow. There are great, tasty recipes that don’t require purchasing too many ‘weird’ ingredients. I found the meals all really enjoyable.

What did you enjoy most?

How I felt! I had a lot more energy and less bloating and I also lost weight. And of course the food – it is honestly delicious.

What were you surprised at?

How quickly the week went, and that I didn’t want to stop eating this way once the week was up!

What were the positive benefits?

Less bloating, more energy, weight loss and generally feeling better in myself.

What was your favourite recipe?

Roast Pumpkin Frittata!

Have you made any changes to your everyday eating as a result of 7 DAYS OF ME?

Yes definitely, after 7 DAYS OF ME was finished I continued to use the recipes out of the book and also out of all the other Bestow Food journals.

Do you think you will do it again?

Yes, definitely. I recommend the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse and all the other bestow journals to everyone. Such an easy and delicious way to get healthy!

Picture1Experience 7 Days of Me’ for Yourself

Beauty therapists and wellness-focused women from all over New Zealand are joining the Slow Beauty movement, which champions treating skin from within with a holistic, nutrition-enhanced approach. The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse is a fabulous way to introduce this wellness philosophy into your life and clinic. ~Janine Tait |

Ready To Begin Your Own Cleanse?detox-program-four

The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse books and packs are available at wellness focused skincare clinics around the country. Please email us at for a stockist near you.

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7 DAYS OF ME is a beautiful wellness cleanses which can revitalise your team, your clients and your business from the inside out. To read positive stories of salons who have embarked on the cleanse together as a team and brought their clients along for the journey, CLICK HERE. To enquire about becoming a Janesce stockist please CLICK HERE.

Read more about the 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse here.