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Don’t Overlook this Basic Autumn Skincare Ritual | Janesce Autumn Skincare Routine

There’s no getting around it – autumn is hard on our skin.

Janine Tait | Janesce NZ

The frosty temperatures cool our skin, reducing the flow of nutrient-rich blood that normally feeds our cells right down to a sluggish trickle.

If you think about how hard it is to get yourself motivated and moving on a cold morning, you’ll have some idea of how the skin responds!

And, lest you think you’ll help the skin out by sitting in front of a warm fire. I’m afraid that has an overheating, drying effect on the skin which is just as bad.

So, what is a girl to do?

  1. Moisturise.  
  2. Without fail.
  3. Every morning and evening.
  4. After skin-soaking.
  5. Always.

How Does Moisturiser Regulate Skin Temperature?

Your moisturiser is your biggest ally in negating these unwanted effects. It was discovered many years ago that simply applying a moisturiser prevented the temperature of the skin from dropping as dramatically.  Studies showed that an un-moisturised skin suffered from a massive temperature drop when exposed to the cold, depriving it from much-needed blood flow. Whereas a moisturised skin experienced a much lower reduction in temperature and recovered much faster when returning to a warmer environment.

It is thought that this affect was mainly due to the increased moisture levels in the skin that daily application of a quality moisturiser helps maintain.  Water has a high heat capacity, meaning it can effectively buffer temperature change and therefore protect the skin.

Autumn Skincare Rituals

So, one of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy skin through autumn is to embrace your Janesce skin-soaking ritual to boost water levels in the skin and then lock that precious moisture in with a generous dose of your Janesce moisturiser

It might not be rocket-science, but you’d be amazed how many people forget to follow the basics and wonder why their skin goes downhill.

Not you, of course.  I’m sure you are amazing!

Enjoy keeping your skin protected and beautiful this winter with Janesce.